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Reincarnation License - Unique Personalized Gift


The Reincarnation License Bureau is your only source for "Reincarnation Licenses".  Reincarnation provides you with the opportunity to go around again.  Think the first time was great wait till the second time around. 

We are the only official and certified site for providing these services.  Don't even think of attempting a Reincarnation without being properly licensed.  Life is unpredictable as is Reincarnation, but having a proper license, before you take that important step, of Reincarnation, makes it a little more predictable.

The Peoples Republic of China has recently begun to require licenses for Reincarnation.  So even the government of a major country appreciates the necessity for being licensed prior to Reincarnation.  Be aware we are not in any way affiliated with the Peoples Republic of China, nor do we endorse their polices or style of government, but they see the need for Reincarnation licenses.

So when you ask that special person what they would like as a gift and they say "I already have everything".  Remember they don't have a Reincarnation License.  The perfect gift that will follow them through eternity.


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