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Some great books about the subject of Reincarnation

Several of our site visitors have expressed an interest in exploring the subject of Reincarnation from a more serious , in depth perspective.  In an effort to satisfy that desire we present this group of books.  All of them are excellent and would make a fine additon to your library.

There are thousands of books on the subject of Reincarnation we have chosen a few that we own and can recommend.  To purchase a book just click on the box with the book and you will be taken to Amazon where you can buy the book.

 The Tibetan Book of The Dead is the "bible" of Reincarnation.

This book is commonly recited to read by a person facing imminent death.  The book explains in some depth the Tibetan concept of postmortem existence.  The book provides an explanation of what the dying person will experience on the way to eventual liberation, or failing that rebirth.

Thurman's translation provides background and supplementary information and even some illustrations.

Not necessarily the first book you want to read regarding Reincarnation, but a book you will eventually need to read.

Recommendation: If you want to take a serious look at Reincarnation this is a must buy.


 The author in his practice uses hypnotic regression to help his patients explore past lives.

He takes his patients to the point between lives after death and before birth.

Newton not only grapples with Reincarnation but, the spirit world, the human soul, what are ghosts and "Is there a Haven and Hell?".

For those of you with a skeptical bent you may not like the lack of physical evidence, but this book is a reassuring voice.  Affirming that our existence is not limited to the boundaries of our mortal flesh.

Recommendation: A great interesting read.


 In this follow on to "Journey of Souls" Newton asks his patients what happens between lives.  He asks his patients to describe their lives from the moment of death up to the point of reincarnation.

One interesting point, in the book, is a description of how the dead try to comfort the living, left behind in their grief.

Questions are answered such as: How are souls created?  How are souls who've done evil, on earth, punished?

Newton investigates such issues as non human manifestations on earth.  Such as elves, fairies, and ghosts.  He also discusses malevolent spirits.

Recommendation: Excellent book to continue your education of Reincarnation and life after life.


 This book provides real-life evidence th answer the question.  Is Reincarnation possible?

Not only is the question answered, but Tucker shows through quantum physics Reincarnation is probably inevitable.

Through more than 40 years and 2,500 patients a pretty solid case is made for Reincarnation.

Recommendation: Great book providing evidence of life after life.




 In Old Souls, journalist Tom Shroder hands us a volume that is considerable and engaging.

Not only do we explore the work of a brave and committed researcher on the slippery slope of Reincarnation, we are also treated to a remarkable tour of worlds foreign to us: human existence in post-war Beirut and in the depths of poverty in India.  Through the entire journey, Mr Shroder keeps the primary question lively, caring the reader through to a closing bit of personal memoir and brilliantly ties the book together into a provocative whole.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, you can't help but appreciate Shroder's disciplined, scrupulously fair, and soul-searching explication.  Along the way, we learn immensely about the process as it is revealed and a great deal about exploration itself.  The book works on many levels, and readers will benefit from them all.

Recommendation: Great book exploring the lives of those who have gone before and returned.


 Theoretical physicist Tripler attempts to demonstrate via scientific principles the existence of God and the likelihood of Reincarnation.

Tripler in this excellent book explains God and Reincarnation from the perspective of a theoretical physicist.  This book is not an easy read, but if your of a scientific bent a useful and convincing read.

Thankfully (at least for this writer) he leaves the complex mathematics to a minimum, though from time to time he needs to resort to math to explain or prove a concept.

A super book for the adventurous.

Recommendation: This is the book to explore Reincarnation from a scientific perspective.



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