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Reincarnation License - Unique Personalized Gift

Reincarnation Results Guaranteed

It is the goal of the Reincarnation License Bureau to have satisfied customers.  We know that you may feel that the Reincarnation is not always a sure thing.  So to satisfy your doubts we present the following guarantee.


If after purchasing a Reincarnation License, from the Reincarnation Licensing Bureau, the person owning the license attempts to Reincarnate and the Reincarnation attempt fails.  The Reincarnation Licensing Bureau will refund, to the license holder, triple the cost of the license in USD funds.  That refund is currently $23.31 USD.


Claiming the refund is very simple.  All the license holder has to do is appear at the Reincarnation License Headquarters (address gotten via the contact form) in a non-corporal form (this can be as a ghost, ghoul, spirit entity, etc.) and the refund will be promptly and happily made.  Be aware that the license holder agrees to have pictures and documentation made of the refund presentation.

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